How to Use this EMF Website

This website contains many different pages with detailed information about electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  You can click any of the link buttons found on the left side of each page to access most of the EMF topics included on this site.

 If you have particular questions about EMFs, you might first try looking at our list of Frequently Asked Questions.  For example, there you will find specific information about the EMFs from cell phones, power lines, computers, and other sources.

YouTube videos about EMFs can be accessed via the video page, and special articles written by Michael Neuert can be found on the articles page.

Michael has also provided his expert reviews of many EMF test meters and reviews of many other EMF products, to help you find the best test equipment and shielding materials at the lowest cost.  Michael's own EMF test meter instructions (which are often much easier to use than the manufacturer's) can also be found here.

For those who are sensitive to EMFs, or believe they have other health issues related to EMFs, Michael has extensive experience working with clients who are sensitive to EMFs, and can share his anecdotal and practical experience of what has worked, and not worked, with very sensitive clients over the years.

And if you have any specific questions about EMFs that are not answered here, Michael provides consultations over the telephone for a fee, to help answer your questions about EMF testing, shielding, wiring, health effects, safety guidelines, etc.  Please call us to schedule a phone appointment.

Michael Neuert is providing this free informational website about EMFs as a service to the general public.  Michael is an engineer and electrician who has been testing and reducing EMFs professionally since 1992.  We hope this site will help answer some of your questions about electromagnetic fields, assist you with practical steps to protect your family's health, and take some of the fear or mystery out of this rather complex subject.

Thank you.