The following testimonials are actual comments and feedback from Michael's clients...

(References from past clients are available upon request.  If needed, please call our office)

"I can't thank you enough for what you have done for us." —  H. J.  (Issues: Insomnia, sensitivity, daughter has agonizing pains, high magnetic fields in bedrooms.  Action: Installed insulating bushing on water service line to eliminate stray electric currents on home's water pipes from the neighborhood water system.)

"I am doing so much better!  We moved back into the bedroom.  I am actually sleeping in the bedroom again, and I am doing okay there!  Thank you so much for all your work.  Please use us a reference, we have great things to say about you." — L. M.  (Issues: EMF sensitivity, headaches, high magnetic fields in bedroom.  Action: Repaired wiring errors causing high magnetic fields, turned off circuits with high electric fields, added minimal amount of new shielded wiring where needed.)

"The solution that you came up with was nothing short of miraculous!  Really, I've had 5 nights in a row of good sleep since I've been turning off the power, and I probably haven't had 5 nights of good sleep in a row since we moved here 5 years ago.  Also my hip is doing a lot better which I've had pain in for many years.  Anyways, thank you so much.  I am very very grateful. — C. G. (Issue: High electric fields at bed.  Action: Turned off the high field circuit at night to reduce the EMFs during sleep.)

"I really feel the difference in the house.  I keep the frig off when I'm home, use water bottles in the frig.  Its a big improvement for both the fields and how I feel.  This is life changing, I am so thankful." P. K. (Issues: Chemical sensitivity, EMF sensitivity. Action: Turns off certain circuits to reduce electric fields, uses corded speaker phone.)

"Thank you, you were very knowledgeable and thorough." —  T. B.  (Phone consultation with engineer for electric power utility.)

"I'm, very pleased with your help today.  You are the epitome of calm!  I was so worried.  You helped me put it into perspective and approach this logically." — M. W. (Phone consultation about very high magnetic fields and how to work with her own electrician to repair it.)

"Wow, what an eye opener this <body> voltage meter is!  I have an older home circa 1954 without grounded outlets.  I've grounded the key outlets to <the> microwave, entertainment center, computer and forced air/electrostatic air cleaner.  I've got little alligator clips on my treadle sewing machines and their cast iron bases and tweaked some grounding on lamps I use a lot.  I have a big bag of power strips that I had cut the grounding pin off going to E-waste.  I replaced an outlet with a 20 amp switch so I can turn power off in my bedroom at night.  I always said I want to nosh my teeth when I'm around electric motors, I guess I wasn't kidding...  Thank you so much for all the good information, you have helped me a great deal." — I. F.  (Issue:  Super sensitive to EMFs, especially at her sewing machine.  Service: Phone consultation, instructions to make own body voltage meter.)

"You provide such a valuable service, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate this ." — C.C.  (Issue: Burning skin, felt shocks, couldn't sleep in house.  Service: Rented test meters, tested all three EMS, found high RF and electric fields.)

"Already I have noticed something interesting.  I woke up this morning and could hear the high frequency in my bedroom, but it was not at the intense level it had been.  I turned the power back on and the sound was so shrill immediately that it was intolerable.  Now, 4 1/2 hours later, it remains shrill.  I may have to live with the power off (no heat) until I can get my neighbor's smartmeter disconnected.  You taught me so much yesterday and it was a pleasure to meet you.  Thank you." —  R. M.

"Dear Michael, I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to SF and doing a thorough inspection at my condo -- a burden was truly lifted off my shoulders!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with many of us still in the dark.  I'll be in touch.  Blessings." —  M. W.

"Last night was the first night in 18 months that my husband slept entirely through the night.  Thank you."    — B. G. (Issues: high electric fields from wiring in bedroom and computer wires in office.  Action: turn off certain breakers, shield computer wiring, add shielded outlet for computer.)

"I continue to enjoy the set up that you arranged for me, which makes it possible for me to turn on the breaker to my office while I am working at it <and keep the EMFs low> — M. K.